Overcoming Failure

You ever have one of those days where you encounter setback after setback and things just don't seem to go very smoothly? It seems like you're swimming against the tide. Then you start to look back on life and you can only see a mountain of failures and you think the day you're having is just typical of your entire life? Well, it's not. In fact a bad day is just a small bump in the road and there are simple techniques that I am about to outline that will allow you to overcome failure and achieve the success you want in life.

Eliminating Failure

Did you know that most people who enjoy tremendous success fail more often than they succeed? Thomas Edison conducted 10 thousand experiments before he figured out the right formula for the light bulb. The key to his success and to those who achieve tremendous success in life is that they don't fear failure, they don't look at setbacks as a failure - instead they learn from it and change their approach. Every time Edison failed he made notes - to insure he didn't repeat the same process again and so that he could try a different approach. Too often people dwell on their failures - thus magnifying them and then they come to the conclusion that their entire life is a failure. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to eliminate failure - learn from past mistakes and change your approach. I know some of you may say the following: "Karim, I've tried everything - nothing works I don't know what else to do." Have you tried learning from the mistakes and failures of the past?

Don't look at the setback as a failure and throw your hands up in the air saying: "I don't know what to do." Look at the mistake, examine it carefully, see what changes you can make to avoid the same mistake and then try a different approach. Doing this is so important that I get my students who work with the Creating Power system to start changing their approach within the first week. You can't give up - once you do - it's over and nothing gets better. If you're truly ready for success then you have to be ready to learn from failures and past mistakes. It's a natural consequence. Don't fear failure - embrace it and learn from it. When you work with my Creating Power system you'll be creating new habits for success within the first week and you'll discover how doing some simple exercises for 5 minutes a day will change your life. To learn more about Creating Power visit: http://www.creatingpower.com

Change Your Perception

If you consider yourself a failure you will be a failure and the way to overcome this is to change the way you see yourself. I know some of you may say "Karim, that's just the way it is - how can I not see something that exists." True - but instead of looking at your limitations, instead of looking at the things you don't do well, instead of looking at all the things that have gone wrong - start looking at what is going right, look at the good things in your life, look at your positive qualities. Right about now I get the following comment: "Karim, I can't think of anything positive - there's nothing good going on in my life - you're asking the impossible." First of all I don't think anything is truly impossible. Just the fact that you're alive and functioning is a positive sign. The fact that you're reading this newsletter is a positive sign. The fact that you want to improve your life and live at your full potential while achieving success after success is a positive sign. Now let's look at the other good things going on in your life. If you're working and earning a living - that's a positive sign. If you have family, friends, a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend - those are all positive signs. If you're doing the things you want at any point - that's a positive sign. If you help people in some way - no matter how small - that's a positive sign.

I suggest you grab a notepad and pen - then sit down and write all the good things that are going on in your life right now. List all the good things that you have. List all your positive qualities - things that you like about yourself. Then everyday - spend at least 20 minutes thinking about those things - and after a few weeks you'll start to see things differently. This is an exercise that I get my students started on right away. When you work with Creating Power we take things a little further and you'll begin changing the way you see things so that you overcome failure and get on the road to success within the very first week. Creating Power is the complete system that teaches you how to achieve success and live the life you want on your own terms. To learn more visit: http://www.creatingpower.com/course.htm

Preparing For Success

The next step involves training the mind so that you re-direct the subconscious mind to stop creating failure and start creating success. If you focus on your failures you'll attract more opportunities for you to fail. Why? Because your subconscious mind acts on the things that you focus on everyday. Your subconscious mind will attract more situations for you to fail because that's what it thinks you want to happen. When you start doing some of the exercises I just outlined you get your mind to focus on success and in turn you direct your subconscious to start creating opportunities for you to succeed. There is more that you can do - and this involves daily exercises to direct the subconscious mind to attract new situations for you to succeed at rather than situations for you to fail.

Remember - your subconscious mind doesn't know good from bad, it doesn't say: "Hey - this will be bad for you so let's not do that." Your subconscious will only act on your thoughts and beliefs. Think about failure all the time and you'll keep creating failure. Think about success and the positive things in your life - and you'll attract more success. Now things won't change overnight. In fact if you simply do the above exercises results will come in time - but not as quickly as you would like. Why? Because you're only using a limited number of techniques to change years of thinking and a pattern of behaviour that has existed for years. If you want to change to take place more rapidly, if you want to achieve success sooner rather than later you will need to work with a number of techniques. I've given you a basis to get started - and students who work with my Creating Power system utilize a number of proven techniques to catapult them to success. Creating Power is a 4-week course that will teach you how to train your mind and subconscious mind so that you overcome failure and achieve your goals. With Creating Power you'll be able to have all that you want and more in just 5 minutes a day. To learn more and to get started right away visit: http://www.creatingpower.com

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