How To Create Miracles

By Karim Hajee

Next month perhaps the greatest cyclist of all time will be zooming again - no he won't be riding his bike. Instead, Lance Armstrong will be driving the Indy Pace Car
at the Indy 500 - quite an accomplishment when you think about what Lance has been through over the years.

Lance Armstrong is an amazing human being and we can all learn a lot from such a remarkable person.

If you follow his model - you'll be able to create your own miracles.

In this week's newsletter I'll outline how Lance created his miracles, and how you can apply the same simple techniques that he used to create your own spectacular life. So read on and enjoy.

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How You Can Create Your Own Miracles

What makes Armstrong so special?

His fierce determination, passion, never ending belief in himself and ability to forge ahead no matter what the odds.

In his first ever Tour De France, Armstrong lost - finished dead last.

But that didn't stop him. He just kept going.

And Let's not forget that a short time ago Armstrong was diagnosed with Cancer and given just a 20-percent chance of surviving. Doctors even told him never to race again.

But that didn't stop him.

Armstrong never gave up. He beat Cancer and then beat everybody that dared to challenge him in the Tour De France.

We all have setbacks. We all fall down.

Remarkable human beings and successful people always get up, they persist, they believe in themselves and they believe in their ability.

Armstrong never doubted he would return. He always believed that he would beat Cancer, that he would win the Tour De France and become what he is today.

You too can begin creating the same kind of success.


Begin believing in yourself.

If you want to make millions of döllars - start believing that you can make that mount.
If you want to meet the right person - start believing that you can meet the right person and develop a healthy, long lasting relationship.
If you want to find a new job - then start believing that you can get a new or better job.

What you believe is what you attract.
If you believe that it's difficult to make möney - you will only attract situations that make it difficult for you to make möney.
If you believe there are no good, paying jobs - then you will only attract jobs that don't pay well.
If you believe that it's difficult to meet the right person - then you will only find it difficult to meet the right person.

Believe that you can achieve success for any goal and you will.

How do you do this?

Train your mind to begin believing in you and your goals.
Train your mind to direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want.
Focus on how you can achieve what you want.
Focus on finding ways to achieve what you want.

Too often we waste time and energy focusing on what has gone wrong in life or what
we don't have.

Armstrong didn't do that. Instead, when he had a setback he got motivated to succeed.

Learn from your mistakes, make adjustments and develop a fierce determination to succeed.

It's not good enough to hope.
It's not good enough to wait for something to change.
It's not about luck.

It's about what you believe in and how you follow up.

The minute you go from hoping to believing you will begin to create miracles in your life.
But the key is to get your mind and subconscious mind working for you - so that you
believe in yourself and so that you take the right steps to accomplish your goals.

Finally - dream big.

Don't be afraid to stretch your goals into bigger dreams.
Armstrong reached his goals because he wasn't afraid to dream big. Here's what he said after his last victory:"For people who don't believe... I'm sorry that you can't dream big and that you don't believe in miracles."

Remember - Armstrong was dead last in his first Race.
He only had a 20-percent chance of surviving cancer.
But still Armstrong believed and dreamed big.

Now it's your turn.

Believe in yourself.
Get your mind and subconscious mind working for you.

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