Creating Positive Habits For Success

If you're like most people you do a number of things everyday just out of habit - sometimes
without even knowing it.

For example: The other day I was driving on the highway when I took the exit that normally takes me home. Usually that's not a problem - if I want to go home - but I didn't. I wanted to go somewhere else.

I realized I took the exit that normally takes me home out of habit. My subconscious mind has picked up on this habit and as a result when I see the exit that takes me home - I automatically want to take it.

You have similar habits programmed on to your subconscious - some of those habits could lead you to success - some of them could lead you to failure.

If you have a number of negative habits - the kind don't work for you or the habits that actually work against you then you're more likely to be unhappy and not achieve the level of success that you want.

Successful and happy people have positive habits that work for them and allow them to enjoy success and happiness.

Here's the good news - you can change or get rid of the habits that don't work for you while creating habits that will propel you to success and happiness.

In this article I'll outline how you can begin to eliminate the negative habits that work against you and I'll also show you how to create habits that will allow you to create the life you want.

So read on and enjoy.

Eliminating Negative or Bad Habits

Every habit you have is a result of repeated thoughts and actions that become planted on your
subconscious mind - that's how it becomes a habit.

Your subconscious mind picks up what you regularly do and think and then you automatically follow
what is now a habit.

You brush your teeth a certain way because your subconscious mind has picked up on your regular pattern of brushing your teeth - now it's a habit.

You drink your coffee or tea a certain way because you've formed a habit.

You also have habits of thinking - that you may or may not be aware of - and these thought habits create beliefs - which either work for you or against you.

For example: you may have habits of thinking and being negative, you may always think the worst is going to happen, you may always think about why you can't do something, you may always think of why it's difficult to succeed, you may always come up with ways that you will fail - and the list goes on.

These negative thought habits will lead to negative actions - and ultimately negative habits that work
against you.

Any negative thought habit has to be changed or eliminated.

In order to create new, positive thought habits that will catapult you to success - you first have to get a handle on the thoughts that lead to the actions that create the habits.
This means recognizing which thought habits are not working for you.

Throughout the day - pay attention to what you regularly and repeatedly think about.
Make a note of your thought habits.
Then take a look and see if those thought habits work for you or against you.

For example: if you are looking for a new job and you regularly think that it's difficult to find a job or that there are no good jobs - then both these habits of thinking don't work for you.
Think about it - why would you bother looking for a job if you didn't believe that there were any good jobs?

Would you look for a million dollars in your backyard if you didn't believe it was there? No.

But most people will look for a job even though they don't think there is a good job to be found. In the end they end up looking in the wrong places or finding jobs that they don't like or don't want.

Remember - your subconscious mind makes you take action based on your habits. Your habits are the actions and thoughts that you regularly have.

If you regularly think there are no good jobs - your subconscious will only guide you to finding jobs that are not good.

Change the thought habits and you change your life.

You can create positive habits that work for you. Simply start by listing all the negative thought habits that you have and then begin changing them.

Once you do that you get your subconscious mind working for you and it will help you get what you want. Start today and begin creating the life that you want by creating new and positive habits for success.

Creating Physical Habits For Success

Besides thought habits you also have physical habits - some of these physical habits work for you and some don't.

For example: if you want to lose weight but have a habit of eating junk food or food that is not good for you - then you need to change your eating habits - because they don't work for you.

Now the good news is that you can begin to change your physical habits by sending a new message to your subconscious mind.

If you wanted to lose weight - you would focus on what you want - which is to lose weight and eat better. As you regularly think about eating better and getting in shape - your subconscious mind will pick up on these new thoughts and you will replace or eliminate the desire to eat junk food.

I do what I just outlined regularly - because I'm a big fan of chocolates and ice cream. If I had my way I would eat chocolates and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I rarely eat chocolates and ice cream because I've got my mind and subconscious mind into the habit of thinking about eating food that is good for me. When I think about eating chocolates or ice cream I switch my focus and that leads to a new habit - in the end I often settle for a glass of water or some fruit.

So how do you change your physical habits?

Be aware of the habits that don't work for you. Then think about what you want - and regularly focus on having what you want. Throughout the day think of what you want instead of what you don't want. When you feel yourself slipping into the old physical habits - focus on what you really want to happen.

For example: if you want to get into shape then everyday think about exercising and getting into shape. Think about joining the gym and working out. Or think about exercising on your own. As you regularly think about exercising and focusing on getting in shape your mind and subconscious mind will guide you to the situations that will help you get in shape or exercise more.

Then start taking small steps toward getting into shape and exercising. Build on these steps everyday. After a while it becomes easier to exercises and stay in shape because your subconscious mind is working for you.

Now you won't see changes overnight - remember you're creating new habits and typically it can take 30-days or more to create a new habit.

But here's how things get even better.

As you instruct your mind and subconscious mind to get into the habit of achieving what you want - your subconscious mind will begin attracting the situations and events to help you accomplish your goals.

By taking small steps you follow up on these opportunities.

At the same time you move away from the habits that don't work for you because you no longer think about them.

Now you're no longer struggling, failing or suffering. Instead, you begin creating the life you want.

This is the power of positive habits working at it's very best.

Begin feeding your mind and subconscious mind new information so that you create new habits that will propel you to success. Start creating new habits that will allow you to enjoy success, happiness and much more. Students who work with my Creating Power system learn to create new positive habits that launch them to success in all areas of their lives.

Thoughts lead to beliefs which lead to habits which lead to action.

Start creating the right thoughts and you'll begin creating the right habits that will launch you to the success you want.

It really is a lot simpler than you think and the best part is that you're in complete control of your destiny. So start living the life you want today by creating new habits for success.

If you want to make more m'oney then regularly think about making more m'oney. Think of different ways to make more m'oney. Get into the habit of thinking and making more m'oney in your mind - and your subconscious mind will guide you to the situations that will help you make more m'oneyRemember - recognize the thoughts
that are creating the negative or self-defeating habits. Decide what you want - and create thoughts that correspond with what you want.

I can't becomes I can.
I will becomes I am.
Tomorrow starts today.
Then regularly focus on what you want.

Follow up by taking action in the form of taking small steps followed by bigger steps.
When you create a new habit of thinking you begin to create new habits for success
and that's how change begins.

"Hi Karim,
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Susan Francis, San Diego, California, USA

You too can achieve the success you want.
You can make the right choices.
You can create habits for success and live the life you want. Start working with crating Power today.

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