How To Eliminate Depression

You ever have those days where all you think about is what's wrong in your life or what's not working out?

If you regularly think about what's wrong or what's not working out - there's a good chance that you'll end up being depressed or just down and out.

But here's the good news.

If you're among the millions who feel depressed or just down and out - I'm about to show you how you can start feeling better and begin experiencing joy instead of feeling depressed or down and out.

All you have to do is follow a very simple process that I'm about to outline in this article.

I'll show you how you can put an end to depression, how you can continually and regularly experience joy - and how you can begin creating the life you want by eliminating the depression and letting in the joy. So read on.

Special Note:

I know there are millions of people out there who are depressed - and if you have been clinically diagnosed as being depressed and you're on medication then by all means continue with your medication and continue getting treatment from your Doctor.

What I am about to outline will help you - but you should continue with your medication and continue seeing your Doctor.

How To Eliminate Depression

When you're depressed you experience a stream of negativethoughts. Often all you think about is what is wrong in your life, how you're not good enough, what is wrong with you, why things didn't work out for you. Perhaps a recent relationship ended and now all you can think about is that other person and how you may never meet someone again in your life.

You may think that you're not worthy, that you will never be successful, that your life is hopeless and that things will never get better.

All those thoughts are negative thoughts - and as you can see - one negative thought, leads to another, then another, then another, until you have a stream of negative thoughts that puts you in a depressive state or causes you to just feel down and out.

Some of you may say: "I can't help it - that's the way I feel." You only feel that way because you choose to keep those thoughts.

That's right - you choose to keep those thoughts.

So what can you do?

Eliminate those thoughts. Change those negative thoughts. Instead of thinking about all that is wrong - focus on all that is right.
Think about all your positive qualities.
Think about why you can succeed.
Think about why you can meet someone new.
Think about why you can do something.

Focus on what you want to happen.

If your relationship ended - don't waste time and energy trying to get the other person back into your life. They don't want to be there - why would you want someone who doesn't want to be with you.

Focus on what you want - which is to be in a relationship with the right person - who wants to be with you.

If you lost your job - don't focus on getting your old job back. Focus on what you want now - which is to find a new job or find another way to make a living.

When you eliminate negative thoughts and focus on what you want you start to feel better - you begin to end depression, you get out of the dumps and you start moving forward.


Because your mind and subconscious mind have something new to work on - they have a new challenge and in the process you give them a new direction. Then you start attracting new opportunities and begin creating a new and positive life.

This is the process of eliminating depression.
You eliminate depression by eliminating the negative thinking pattern that leads to depression and by focusing on what you want. When you work with my Creating Power system - you'll learn how to eliminate the negative thoughts, begin creating positive thoughts and start focusing on what you want in the very first week. With Creating Power you'll put an end to the stream of negative thoughts that cripples you and you'll begin living the life you want. Get started today. Visit:

How To Experience Joy and Happiness

Once you've identified and begun eliminating the negative thoughts that lead to your depressive state you can begin letting in joy - you can begin experiencing happiness.

The first step is to put an end to negative talk. That means no more complaining, no more whining, no more gossip, do not say anything negative about anyone. This may be challenging but instead of negative talk - look for the positive in every situation and everyone that you encounter.

Next - surround yourself with positive people.
If you have friends that only complain, or whine, and are constantly negative - invite them home and challenge them to only be positive. Anybody who insists on being negative should leave. Think of it as a game - and the survivor will receive joy and happiness as their reward.

Finally - choose to joyful, choose to be happy, choose to be nice. Smile more, laugh more, go out and act like a child.
Do something fun, engage in activities that are positive, that force you to do something different, that challenge you.
Don't be a couch potato - force yourself to get out and be around positive, fun people. Everyday find something that is pleasant - appreciate those who are happy, appreciate all that is good in your life.


When you do what I've just outlined you push your mind into a new direction. You get your mind to focus on the positive, joyful and happy side of life. When this happens you ignite your subconscious - it's like super-charging your subconscious mind. You jump start it and your subconscious begins moving in a new direction - it now begins creating and attracting situations for you to experience joy and happiness while you create the life you want.

When you work with my Creating Power system you'll learn how to re-train your mind and direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want. With Creating Power you'll eliminate the negative thinking that leads to depression - and you'll learn how to let the joy back into your life. Get started today - visit:

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wonder how it could ever get better. Your course showed
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Glenda Johnson,
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You can change your life.
You can achieve your goals.
You can put an end to depression.
You can experience joy and happiness everyday.

Begin by following the steps that I've outlined.
Make it a priority to enjoy life and create the life you want. This is your time to shine - be the best possible person you can. The past is over. The greatest gift - the present - is here now. Your future awaits - make it a magnificent life.

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