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I had planned on writing about something else until I came across an article in Sarasota, Florida about a man who played golf with one hand – and has hit 3 holes in one in the last 6 months – what’s even more inspiring – is that he accomplished this at the tender age of 68.

Now I know some of you may not be golfers, and there are those that have probably never picked up a golf club and have no intention of ever doing so. But his story and this newsletter are not about golf.

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Bill Hilsheimer is a perfect example of how the power of positive thinking can lead to a belief that you can achieve anything – no matter what cards you’ve been dealt. This very belief is what allowed him to accomplish such an amazing feat.

Let me explain just why his story is so inspiring. The odds of an amateur golfer hitting one hole in one – (that’s when you take a swing at the ball from the start of the hole and it lands in the cup) are 12,600 to one. Bill has done it three times in the last 6 months – and he’s only playing with his left hand – he lost the use of his right hand when he was 9. That’s amazing and inspiring.

So what makes Bill so different and special?

It’s his attitude and his belief system. Here’s the one thing that Bill said that really stuck out: “No one ever told me that I couldn’t do it”. – You see Bill always believed anything was possible because no one ever told him otherwise.

Unfortunately not all of us were brought up that way. Many of us have been bombarded with negative statements, we have friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, coaches who sometimes tell us what we can’t do – and we believe them because we trust them.

Take a look at Bill – that’s what happens when you believe you can do anything.

So how do you create a belief system that allows you to achieve your goals?

It’s simple. You start re-programming your mind to send the right messages to your subconscious mind. Begin by noting all the negative thoughts that you have – then see if this is what you truly believe.

For example: do you believe it’s easy to do something or do you believe it’s difficult? Do you believe you can do certain things or do you think there are constant challenges and that it won’t be easy? The next step is to create a new belief system that will help you achieve your goals. A negative belief system will only limit your success. Start by focusing on what you want to happen and then create new positive thoughts that reflect your goals and desires.

In the beginning your mind will likely argue with you and tell you that what you are doing is not possible. It’s only because your mind is used to that negative thinking process – keep sending it new positive messages and your mind will start to accept the new possibilities. The more you repeat this process the sooner the mind will get it.

The Creating Power system shows you how to create a new belief system so that you achieve your goals and begin enjoying life – with Creating Power – you’ll supercharge your subconscious mind and get it to start creating new and wonderful opportunities for you.

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Stay Inspired

The next thing you can do is stay inspired. Look at what other people just like Bill Hilsheimer are doing and then apply their techniques into your own life. Bill lost his the use of his arm when he was 9 years old – yet he went on to play football, baseball basketball in High School, he took up golf at 16 but only began to play more frequently after recently retiring.

While you have goals in mind – your focus should be on the process. Bill didn’t worry about what other people thought, or if he would be successful – he simply enjoyed the process – and thus was able to accomplish his goals.

When you enjoy the process you stay inspired – you learn from every new day – you simply take what you learn and you build on it. You don’t worry about the end result, you don’t worry about what others may think, you don’t worry about whether you’ve reached your goal or not – you stay on course by staying inspired – and you do that by enjoying the process each day.

I have thousands of students around the world working with my Creating Power system and those that get the most out of it are those that enjoy the process. They don’t worry about the results – they enjoy training their mind – knowing that they are directing their subconscious mind to create new situations. With each new day they observe the small successes and continue enjoying the process – before they know it they’re well on their way to achieving their goals. Feed your mind new information and you’ll start to enjoy the process. As you do this you create a new habit of thinking and that’s how you begin creating new opportunities in your life.

When you work with the Creating Power system you begin removing the negative thoughts in the first week and at the same time you begin creating new Positive Thinking habits. These new habits become beliefs – which are picked up by the subconscious mind – which then goes out and creates new opportunities based on your new beliefs. With Creating Power you learn how to create a new belief system and begin achieving all your goals.

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Beat the Odds

Never believe the odds are against you. There will be countless people telling you what you can’t do – they only tell you this because that’s their own belief system. How does anybody really know what you can and can’t do? They haven’t lived your life? They don’t know what you can’t or can’t do? So how can they set the odds for or against you? They can’t. Only you decide what is and is not possible – and as far as I’m concerned – everything is possible. Just look at what Bill Hilsheimer did and what he continues to do everyday.

If you were in his position would you have the same belief system? If you said no – then ask yourself why not? Chances are you have both arms functioning – do you believe you can go out and hit a hole in one? If you think Bill was playing on an easy golf course think again. Here’s what, Robby Robertson, the owner, of the course says about the very hole where Bill hit his most recent hole in one: “It’s not even easy to hit the green on that hole… I’ve never seen anything like what Bill has done.” Robertson witnessed the hole in one – which took place on the 13th hole of the Bird Bay Executive Golf Course in Venice, Florida.

Bill didn’t care that the odds were stacked against him when he went out on the course. He didn’t care that the odds were stacked against him when he played high school sports. Chances are if he did care he may not have accomplished and of his feats and he wouldn’t be an inspiration.

The best way to beat the odds is to not pay attention to them – as far as I’m concerned they don’t exist when it comes to your life and determining what you can or cannot do. So think about what you want next in life – focus on the next step – don’t worry about the end result – you can keep that in the back of your mind – focus on what is going on now – ignore the odds and enjoy the process.

These are some of the things you’ll learn with my Creating Power system. It teaches you how to train you how to focus on what you want, how to create that new belief system while eliminating that negative thought pattern that just makes life miserable. Start believing in yourself and start achieving your goals today.

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Let Bill Be An Inspiration

Keep Bill’s accomplishment in the back of your mind – but keep his attitude front and center. It’s not so much what he did that inspires me – it’s his attitude that inspires me. If you can have the same attitude you’ll enjoy life a lot more and you’ll achieve greater success in every aspect of your life.

I know many of you have had setbacks, I know things don’t always go smoothly, and I know you may have lost faith or lost your confidence – but all that is in the past. Begin building your future by creating a new belief system – one that will propel you to greater success while you enjoy life every single day. Don’t get down on yourself, anything truly is possible if you have the right belief system. Once you have that in place – your mind and subconscious mind will create the results you want day in and day out. Start working with the Creating Power system and you’ll begin implementing a new belief system that will allow you to achieve all your goals and more.

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